christmas cards

Christmas cards

How to make christmas cards
watch below video for learn how to make a christmas pop up card,draw the template .

How to make mathematic christmas cards
Christmas is a fantastic opportunity for me to share some maths with friends and family. One of my favourite ways to do this is by stitching geometrical designs on cards. The magic is how the straight lines produce perfect curves.

Here’s how it’s done. Draw two straight lines that intersect. Draw points along each of those lines at equal distances. When you join the dots from one line to the other, as in the images below,you get aparabola.The curve is the envelope of the family of straight lines.

This idea of using lines to make the envelope of a curve has been used by numerous artists and architects over the years. Barbara Hepworth used it to great effect, and it appears in the Chords suspension bridge in Jerusalem.
To make this one, you’ll need a circle of evenly spaced dots.Make 36 dots it works well. Pick a number,between 3 and 15.And then simply take each point in turn, count round your chosen number of spaces to another point, and join the two. Here the envelope turns out to be a circle. You’ll get different sizes of circle by choosing different spacings.Some spacings lead to a star that can be drawn without taking the pencil off the paper, others are made up of multiple stars. Thinking about which spacings are which, and how we can predict the number of stars, leads to some beautiful mathematical ideas.

The first step is to draw the design on a piece of paper the same size as the card this saves time later on, and saves messing up the cards themselves if you need to redesign the layout. Then place a folded tea towel on a flat table it protects the table,put the card face up over it, then hold the design firmly in place and use a pin to make a hole for each point. Remember to make the holes on the middle panel of the card!

Then you can start stitching.A single strand of stranded cotton works well stranded cotton is relatively cheap, and comes in lots of colours, sparkly ones perfect for Christmas.Use a length around 50cm. If you use longer then you’ll get tangled up very quickly. To start and finish, simply use sticky tape on the back to fasten the thread neatly. This all gets covered at the end, when you can use double-sided tape to glue one panel over the back.

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